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The Pinellas County Jail

Otherwise known as 49th Street, the Pinellas County Jail is a busy hub of booking activity around the clock. With this app you can monitor the arrest bookings while they happen; as soon as the mug shots and/or accompanying data is available from the jail, it is captured and displayed in this powerful database analyzation tool. This app works in real time and can alert you when anyone has been booked into the Pinellas County Jail. The flexibility is almost limitless as you can search and sort by just about any piece of information about the individual(s) being booked. Look up individuals by address alone, or by ZIP code and weight, or by charges and birthday or just about any other combination. Browse or search through the complete list of inmates from day one to the most recent arrest. We guarantee that this app will display mug shots and booking information for new bookings well before they could be found on TBO's  popular web-site or even the Sheriff's Office Detention and Corrections Bureau's "Who's in Jail" website. All jail webpages for each booked individual are also availible for viewing from within this software without even using a web browser.

Mug Shots

Mug shots are usually transmitted first from the jail before any other information so that you can see the inmates being photographed before you even know their name, age, charges, or anything else. This is a result of how the jails booking website operates and is beyond our control. Rest assured that all booking information about each and every inmate will be availible within this app the very second that that information is availible from the jail.

This is a link to the Pinellas County Jail website

Mugshot Images

Images used for the mugshots are the full raw data that comes from the booking cameras, not a reduced size thumbnail. You see the faces of the accused as close up photos in 600x800 jpg format.

inmate photo



Last name: YATES
First name: WILSON
Middle name: DUSTIN
Aggravated battery physical disfigurement
Booking type: Felony Agency: Largo Police Department
Booked: 11/27/2005 1:12pmSpn: 2689561
Released: 1/23/2006 2:01pm Time served.Race: white
Address: 3182 Royal Palm Dr.
North Port, Florida, 34288
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Date of Birth: 9/4/1983
Arrest Age: 22
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Place of birth: Kansas  


The inmates' charges are usually the last pieces of information that will be released from the jail during the booking process. Sometimes the charges can lag behind all the other data by as much as several days, but usually only lags a half hour or so.

This is an example of the typical charges that inmates are booked in for:

Release Dates

Release date, time and type become availible as soon as the inmate is released from custody.

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